Happily Ever You

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Summer 2017

Posted on July 7, 2017 at 11:35 AM

I was in Vermont with my family for 1 week and completely detached myself from the "outside world."No phone, no internet, no television, no news, no noise.  It was pure heaven just to be with family, friends, nature's beauty, music and summer fun.  I highly recommend to do this, you will see what an impact it will do to your mind and body.  If you do not have a week, simply do this for an hour or two (but have your phone handy for emergency in case your kids or somebody needs to get in touch with you).

With that said, last week I ran a race with my husband and hundreds of other people in my community.  It was amazing to feel that rush of energy, people of all ages cheering for you and the mind set of  "I can do this."  Although my one week in Vermont was so peaceful, I do enjoy heart pumping music while running.  My play list kept me going, not giving up and was my constant rhythm that I needed to finish this challenging race. What keeps you going? 



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